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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Clash of Careers Team Challenge- A Chance to Earn MORE Gift Cards!

Canada Freebies Eh | 6:29 PM

Swagbucks is here with a fun way to get bonus SB in addition to all the SB you earn! The Clash of the Careers Team Challenge starts today and lasts until 12pm PT on Thursday, Sept 4th!

There are 4 teams and your earning in the categories below contributes points to your team's total! The team at the end of the challenge with the highest score claims victory! 

But rest assured, all members who participate and contribute at least 1 point to their team's total will be rewarded. 1st place: 25 SB, 2nd place: 20 SB, 3rd place: 15 SB, 4th place: 10 SB. The Top 5 contributors from each team will also win bonus Swag Bucks: 500, 400, 300, 200 and 100 SB respectively. 

Here are the ways to earn SB AND contribute points:

  • Answer: Get rewarded for giving your opinions and you’ll also contribute 6 pts to your team’s total score. 

    • Watch: Every time you earn SB watching SBTV you’ll contribute 5 pts to your team’s total score. 
    • Play: Every time you earn SB while playing games you’ll contribute 4 pts to your team’s total score. 
    • Search: Search the web and every time you earn SB you’ll contribute 3 pts to your team’s total score. 
    • Mobile: Every time you earn SB from SBTV Mobile, Special Offers on Mobile, or EntertaiNOW on mobile, you’ll contribute 2 pts to your team’s total score. 
    • Swag Codes: Every Swag Code you redeem adds 1 pt to your team’s total score.
    Remember, in order to get your Team Challenge bonus, you must join the challenge & get at least 1 point for your team! That's all it takes to get more SB towards your next gift card. Haven't sign up yet? Sign up here to earn gift cards for all the cool stuff you do online!

    Free Products Delivered to Your Door is Possible.

    Canada Freebies Eh | 12:29 PM

    If you are a couponer or human (giggle) we all love something free. That fact will never change. And quite frankly we all deserve a little free in life.
    Many people email me saying its hard to get anything free unless you are an extreme couponer or blogger. Wrong. That's all I can say, that perception is so far off base. 

    I will start with how I got the above products totally free and shipped to me free as well. Which means not even a dollar spent of gas to go purchase it.

    First I earn Swagbucks while I am online. Swagbucks are a digital dollar that are so easy to earn its almost unbelievable. You can win free swagbucks for random searches, completing Free offers ( I NEVER do paid offers and never will). It would defeat the purpose of free. A very cool offer I did in February was an Influenster offer that was free of coarse and I earned 1038 Swagbucks! That's $10 in money! So to reiterate I spent 2 seconds completing a free offer and earned Swagbucks for doing so. I then cash out those Swagbucks for rewards of my choice. I only ever cash out for Gift Cards. The reason for that is that once your order on is over $25 your shipping is Free. That in turn makes the entire process from start to finish FREE! 450 Swagbucks equals $5 in money. 

    You will be amazed at how fast your Swagbucks add up when you spend only 5-10 minutes a day on the site. There are so many ways to earn Swagbucks and then turn them into Free products. The daily poll earns you one swagbuck every day. Take quick surveys, play games, print coupons, even earn on shopping online. There are so many ways of earning that Swagbucks fits everyone. 

    For the products in the above picture I used my gift cards earned with my Swagbucks and the shipping was free because the order was over $25 dollars. A totally free box of products is worth the few minutes a day visiting Swagbucks.

    If you want to Join this fun and Free Reward earning site Sign Up Today. You don't need referrals to earn Swagbucks and that's the best part. What you earn is up to you! in 2013 Swagbucks made our Christmas 99% Free!

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